Eng 221 Request for Proposal

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Request for Proposal Andrew Wark Eng/221 October 1, 2012 Zachery Koppelmann Request for Proposal Contents Project Summary 2 Company Information 2 Administrative Information 3 Goals 3 Budget 4 Confidentiality Notice 4 Selection Criteria and Timeframe 4 Project Summary Here at Charlie Company we are implementing the latest version of Microsoft Office as well as the other portions of the suite for our corporate offices. Our user base is knowledgeable with the previous versions of Microsoft Office and will require training for the updated version. Our user base routinely uses Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint in their daily tasks in the environment. It is suggested that the training staff create a curriculum that suits those features for the Microsoft Office suite. This request for proposals will go out looking for a training company that will satisfy those requirements within the budgeted amount for this project. The project should last no longer than 2 weeks of in house training. Company Information Charlie Company is a Veteran owned business that focuses on security for small to medium sized businesses. Our office staff of 24 people handles the majority of the administrative duties throughout the work week while satellite offices handle their own administrative overhead. The satellite offices will be coming in for the training at the corporate offices. Administrative Information The desired qualifications for the training company will be somewhat brief but precise. * 5 years of more training experience with Microsoft Office products * Microsoft Partner agreement and locally owned is a plus but not required * Training must be completed on site at Charlie Company’s corporate office * Training manuals and user workbooks must be included in the proposal * Prospective trainers must have 5 references

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