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2013SPT1ENG-141IBC21 Advertising vs. Weight loss Wanda G. Dollarhide 1/26/13 Advertising vs. Weight loss Wanda Dollarhide is a constant reader, every time you look at her nine times out of ten there is a book in her hands. Well she just happens to be reading the US magazine, and in this magazine she found that the writers were constantly picking at the rich and the famous for being too skinny, almost sickly. Well as he is reading about Demi Moore, looking grotesquely skinny , she flips the page to this crazy add for Xenadrine. This add is clearly stating that this pill will help you be able to lose weight. Now how ironic is it that she is reading these captions about Demi Moore and several other actresses being too skinny and out of the blue Wanda flips the page to a Lose weight add. In this add the advertiser shows two pictures of the same women, one is where she is much bigger, and the other is supposed to be her now. If you really look at these two pictures you would realize that they have clearly been modified by a computer to look the way they do. The advertisement is used to reach out to the older generation of women whom have problems with weight loss and who are too lazy to exercise. I for one don’t see how they even get anyone to buy these pills from them when the add itself doesn’t get your attention. It only shows the pictures of the lady and the pills they are advertising. How is this add even reaching out to anyone? Who is going to be interested in buying these pills anyways when they are reading about how disgustingly skinny these actresses are and bam there’s the add. I mean I wouldn’t want to buy something if it’s going to make me look this bad and have people talking about me. So my conclusion is that the media is never happy with the way anyone looks. They either believe you are too fat or to

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