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English 125: Week 1 – Assignment: Written Assignment Nov. 6, 2012 Dawn Lunsford Student Ashford University Written assignment 1 I very much enjoyed the selection from chapter 1 called “I’m Going!” A Comedy in One Act written by Tristan Bernard. It was very amusing; the genre was comedy, or farce, which I enjoy a lot anyway. I found that I could relate to Jeanne because while she did not really want Henri to stay she did not like that he didn’t care to leave her home alone and bored. I think that makes this play a satire, because she should have been loving and supportive of his needing time to himself; however she did not behave that way. I also enjoyed the tone presented by Bernard because it makes light of a simple lovers’ quarrel, not even a quarrel but more of a manipulation really. This type of manipulation is common in committed relationships whether done intentionally or not. The formalist approach is the approach that allows even authors that are not the best to receive good reviews because it is based on their grammatical and technical performance. In the play “I’m Going!” A Comedy in One Act by Tristan Bernard the setting is memorable because he spends the whole time trying to get out of the house. The plot is intriguing because he makes you wonder whether Henri will get to leave alone, or with Jeanne, or will get to leave at all. There was a surprise at the end of the play because Jeanne didn’t seem to care that Henri actually left, she just wanted him to consider her feelings at being left home alone. The characters in this play are also surprising because of the lack of description; they could be any young, childless couple in any apartment, in any town with horse racing. It does describe their feelings about the trip to the track quite deeply, although they could be the feelings about any activity that was important to one half of a couple.

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