Eng 121 Week 5 Assignment Essay - Four Eyes Forever Searching - Descriptive Essay

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Four Eyes Forever Searching Derek Summers ENG 121 Prof. Rachel Orr March 25, 2013 Four Eyes Forever Searching Four glowing orbs – yellow with just a hint of green, with cores blacker than the blackest night that almost pull you in – seem to stare directly into the soul of the onlooker; their never-ending gaze fixed on something unseen, forever searching for that unknown thing they desire. Nothing seems to matter anymore when one looks into those beautiful yet mysterious eyes. The entire world seems to melt away until there is nothing left but them. This article of focus – full of wonder, beauty, and passion – seems to come alive when one gazes upon this masterpiece of art. A painting by an unknown author of a grey wolf and a bobcat standing united under a pale yellow moon is the wondrous object of this description. A moonlit night sky with subtle hints of purple and blue is the backdrop for this painting. One lone storm cloud looms in the distance in the upper right, floating silently and still, lit on the left side and the top by the moon. A single, solitary mountain rises high in the background, almost touching the cloud, its grey rock standing out against the night. The mountain’s jagged, snow-capped peak glistens in the moonlight, looking like a distant beacon signifying the chill of the high altitude. In the upper left corner, the huge glowing moon – its face scarred and dimpled by time – shines out across the open plain, illuminating the entire landscape in a soft, eerie light. In the foreground and across the bottom, tall and slender dying grasses are waving gently in an unseen breeze; autumn’s touch has left its mark. Then you see them – standing proud and tall in the grass, side-by-side, are the two elegant creatures that almost immediately steal your attention away from the rest of the beautiful scene. A grey wolf stands slightly to

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