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Relative Responsibilities Growing up we learn that as we age with grace we tend to take on more responsibilities than we did. For young men this would be for example becoming fathers, although for women it’s becoming a mother. I know when I was a teenager I was not thinking so far into the future where I would have been ready for a child of my own. As I graduated from high school and seen all my friends around me become mothers. Never intending to become on myself, now that I’m twenty-five years of age I have become pregnant. While in the past I would watch my friends and how they treated their own, with such angry and no moral code. Seeing that to this day most of them tend to party, drink, or just not watch their child; I become concerned for the child more than the “adult”. Even watching how my nieces and nephews were raised concerned me; my sister who is not the best of mother around, still in a form abuses them. Either my friends or family was making the child mental, or physically in some cases, which I can see makes the child feel inferior. I know when I was younger if I ever misbehaved I would get my butt spanked. In today’s world with DCF (department of children and families) has a different point of view. Although as an adult I see the differences I know that most are never ready to have children of their own. Some could be the reasoning that they were just simply not ready but chose to keep the child anyhow. In most cases they don’t take the reasonability they need to when becoming pregnant. By comparison I know that I can say I am not ready either, however I tend to step up and take the reasonability that’s needed. Although most don’t tend to look for the other options that are there such as, adoption and abortion; since this is not my first pregnancy I know of these. I chose in the first place adoption, since I was already two months into the
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