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Wanda Washington College composition II EGG HEADS Egg Heads by Kathryn Jean Lopez is an informative passage giving us knowledge and views of egg donation through knowledge of present technology. Lopez states that “egg donation is a quietly expanding industry, changing the way we look at the family, young women’s bodies, and life itself. (161) Egg donation is not a pleasant way to make money and it is a lot different than sperm donation. It is very time consuming and can do harm to a woman’s body. For example, when to many eggs are matured in one cycle , it can damage the ovaries and leave the donor with weeks of abdominal pain. Lopez describes it as “really bad PMS.” (161) Donating eggs is a kind act being that another woman is willing to go through all the risk and precautions to let another woman spread the gift of life. Some people are in it for the money and it seems to be a bidding war between clinics but at the end of the day a new life is created and some infertile woman will be able to receive a child. Lopez also points out that ovarian cancer should also be considered a possible risk due to the “connection between the fertility drugs used.” ( Egg donation, surrogate motherhood, and the potential dehumanizing of commercial reproduction continue to be troubling and unresolved controversies across many genres.(164) Compensation for the women ranges from $2,500 to $5,000 per cycle (Susan Lobel, Brooklyn IVF assistant director); however, “Ivy League” eggs can range from $35,000 to $50,000 per cycle (The National Fertility Registry). Although donating eggs is a good deed it is not all that healthy and I hope some people will realize that and think really hard before they do it and let the money talk to them. My name is Wanda and this is my report on egg heads. Works cited Kathryn Jean Lopez “Egg Heads” Writing Arguments: A Rhetoric with

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