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Duncan October 5, 2012 Response Ali Keinekamp who is a critic, that evaluates the film “Juno.” Keinekamp stated that the movie was unrealistic because it did not take teen pregnancy seriously. In “Juno” people did not see what they would normally see in teen pregnant females. An example, Keinekamp used was mood swings and nausea. Most pregnant females have those symptoms while being pregnant, the pregnant female in “Juno,” did not. Keinekamp also stated that the emotional heart of the movie is believable and moving. The example that she used was when the classmates of the pregnant female would stare at her stomach and talk behind her back. Keinekamp states that, makes the charter believable and females can relate to her. This article pointed out things that people would not typically think about. Juno, who is the pregnant female, was represented as the cool pregnant girl. Some critics thought that Juno would have too much of an impact on young people and they would think that being pregnant is okay or cool. I disagree with the author; I think that young people know that it is hard to be a teenage that is pregnant in school. Teens know that this movie was nothing but to make them laugh. One of things that the author did point out is that pregnant felt embarrassed because she was pregnant and students would look and talk about her. That does happen when teens get pregnant. The overall article was interesting to see how others viewed Juno. Works Cited Carrol, Lewis. Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland and Through the looking Glass London: Vintage Boo 1920 print

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