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English 102 Essay #1 Final Birthday Gift It was July fourth afternoon. It’s raining hard and windy. The trees outside were swirling around. I can hear the sound of thunder. The living room was dark. The only light in the room was from the forty volt bulb. The light was flickering as if it will go out. My parents, two of siblings and I were the only people in the room. Party food was ready for the invited guests but it seemed like nobody was coming because of the weather. My sister and I were sitting on the floor and watching TV. I did not expect to get anything out of my celebration till I was surprised with a life changing gift I never forgot. “The rain is not going to stop. I guess nobody is coming to your birthday party,” said my sister. “Why is no one showing up for my birthday party?” I started crying. My mom tried to calm me down. “Don’t worry; the rain is going to stop. Your friends are going to come,” my mom said, I slowly walked towards the front window; It had white chiffon curtains. I peeked between the curtains to see if anyone might be coming. My sister joined me at the window. She tried to comfort me too. Suddenly, I saw the gate opened and somebody ran towards the house. I ran towards the door. My sister followed me. It was my older brother. He was soaking wet. He had used umbrella but it seemed it did not protect him from the rain at all. He took off his wet jacket and muddy shoes as he came in to the house. While he was taking off his jacket, I saw something shiny in his hands. He tried to hide it behind his back. “Happy birthday, sister,” he said, “Nobody is coming, nobody is coming,” I started crying again. “I have got something for you,” he said. His right hand was behind his back. I knew he was holding something but I don’t know what it is. He stretched his hands out and handed me a package. It was in a shiny gift wrapper.

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