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Speaking Out for the Silent By: Reanna Valdez Melynda McBride English 102: Section 11626 06 October 2014 Reanna Valdez Melynda McBride English 102: Section 11626 October 6, 2014 Speaking Out for the Silent Those who have viewed Eric McCormack’s animal cruelty commercial for the ASPCA can feel some pretty intense emotion that the commercial conveys. It is a very informative and inspiring commercial that encourages individuals to help a great cause. The commercial motivates individuals to donate to the ASPCA’s effort to put a stop to animal cruelty. Due to the content of the commercial it is intended for a mature audience. The commercial is meant to target viewers who have money that they can donate to the cause. The intended audience is not expected to donate large amounts of money; the ASPCA says that even just sixty cents a day is helpful. The ASPCA created a very informative and moving commercial. Their use of Eric McCormack, a well-known actor, to inspire emotions. The commercial may only be four minutes long but its use of rhetorical devices inspires many to make donations. The commercial begins with Eric McCormack informing the audience about the issue of animal abuse. It then continues on to show multiple clips of animals who have been victims of abuse and look so worn down and defenseless. Beginning the commercial with information about animal abuse prepares the viewers for what is to come as the commercial continues. Showing the viewer’s images of the poor abused animals shows just a few of the many animals that are affected by abuse and is a way to try to encourage donations. The commercial also includes touching true life stories about some of the animals that have been abused presented by Lauren Robinowitz, an ASPCA Forensic Technician. Providing these stories shows just how badly animals are truly abused and evokes emotion from the

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