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Terry Weston English, 101-B07 Higginbotham JUNE 6, 2011 ESSAY 2 Does Oprah Winfrey’s website focus more on Spiritual Capitalism, Promoting her Network, or Product Compulsions? Browsing through Oprah website I have come to the conclusion that in the journals of Nancy Franklin and Kathryn Lofton that some of the things that has been written in “Owning It” and “Practicing Oprah; or, the Prescriptive Compulsion of a Spiritual Capitalism” are supported on Oprah’s website but some things that Kathryn Lofton talks about I feel is not supported. The website is more product origin but not in a spiritual matter because she offer things on her website like the promoting, books and articles to read, and products that can be purchase without spiritual persuasions. Oprah Winfrey is one of the world’s richest women there is, but her fame neither her riches came without a great sacrifice on her behalf. Although she has given to many that was in need, and people that was on her show. Oprah also has a way to promote herself, her products and the OWN network. Nancy Franklin talks about the OWN network on how Oprah expresses her feelings about the OWN network, and how it’s about her own image and that this particular network will be for the people, but is it for everyone. Not without a price to pay, Franklin states, “Generous as Winfrey is, though, her network isn’t free to viewers, unless they’re already paying for a cable package. So in order to watch the OWN network people will have to purchase cable with the Discovery Communications, basic cable will not do. Franklin talk about the Oprah network on how she felt like it was no different from any other network. She talks about how some of the shows felt like watching reruns from other stations on television. The OWN link on Oprah’s website gives you a full schedule overview of what shows will be playing, just like what
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