Enforcing The Drinking Age Essay

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Enforcing the Drinking Age In the state of Virginia, in the year 2010, there were over 24,000 recorded arrests for driving under the influence. Aside from that high number, there over 45 percent of underage students on college campuses were recorded to have been caught drinking. Taking into account the fact that that is only the number of students who have been caught drinking underage, it is quite obvious that there are significantly more underage drinkers. It is the job of the Police forces across America to protect lives, and do their best to prevent crimes. The Police forces serve both of those facets of their job description by stopping drivers who are under the influence, and only one by arresting teenage drinkers. On a college campus, the availability of alcohol to the average student is rather high. If that student belongs to a fraternity or sorority, it is even easier for them to obtain alcohol at parties or just at the house. I implore you to face the fact that there is no feasible way to stop college kids from drinking, at any age. Therefore, the police should not worry about busting up parties, and should worry more about stopping those kids from then getting in a car and driving someplace. Others will claim that if the police cracked down on underage drinking that there would be less DUI arrests, and less DUI related accidents. They will say that the students could avoid drinking and partying until they are the legal age. I reject this claim due to the fact that when you attend a party like that, you become the social outcast. When you are at a party and you don’t drink, it is purportedly less fun for you and everyone else when you are sober. In addition it is important to remember that most fraternities and party organizers also arrange for a designated driver. Therefore, there is no reason to worry that the students will be driving under the

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