Enforcing Immigration Laws Essay

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Donald Madden Debbie Audilet ENG: 111 June 13, 2011 State vs. Government: Enforcing Immigration Laws One could only imagine how difficult it is to govern and deal with illegal immigration issues in a state as large as Arizona; with it being, as noted in Davenport’s article, the nation’s busiest illegal entry point. There are specific laws designed to regulate illegal immigration. While the effects of illegal immigration are being experienced throughout the state, it is somewhat suppressed in its dealing with the effects because the federal government has been granted sole authority in enforcing immigration laws and regulating immigration (Davenport). Like a parent that has allowed the misbehavior of a child to go on too long, and then out of frustration confronts and chastises the child unreasonably; the state has reached that juncture with its illegal immigration problem. Governor Brewer is ready to take immediate action by drastic measures that are clearly from frustration, while the federal government, knowing that a problem exist, but not being close enough to the effects to become frustrated, approaches the situation more objectively. One of the laws under dispute that the state wants passed is for all immigrants to have to carry their immigration registration papers at all times, giving police unbridled permission to stop and question any citizen that they perceive to be an illegal immigrant. This would cause a large portion of the population to become suspects in their own country and induce harassment. Another thing to consider is the high risk of identity theft with it being public knowledge that so many citizens are carrying such documentation (class discussion 8 June 11). What is also worth considering is the time consumption of stopping and checking every individual that appears to fit a profile and its apparent
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