Energy Systems Essay

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BOARD OF STUDIES VCE Physical Education Units 3 and 4 Update of Content: Energy Systems Introduction Recent research and study of energy systems has led to a change in understanding within academic and sports training professions. This new knowledge also affects the understanding and application of training principles and methods. Knowledge of energy systems and related training principles and methods is an important aspect of coursework and the end-of-year examination. Current undergraduates and recent graduates now have a contemporary understanding of energy systems that is inconsistent with that of most of the teaching profession. It is important that VCE students taught the latest understanding of energy systems are not disadvantaged in the end-of-year examination. To ensure that students completing VCE Physical Education Units 3 and 4 are not disadvantaged in using and being taught the latest understanding the following update on energy systems has been produced. Whilst teachers are encouraged to use and teach the information supplied, students would not be penalised for using the current understanding correctly in the end of year examination for 2001. The updated information specifically relates to: VCE Physical Education Unit 3 Area of Study 1. Understanding fitness, includes knowledge of: • energy systems- aerobic and anaerobic; and • fitness training principles and methods. In Unit 3 there are two outcomes, students must draw on key knowledge related to either/both bullet points to demonstrate Outcomes 1 and 2. VCE PHYSICAL EDUCATION FEBRUARY 2001 1 BOARD OF STUDIES Energy Systems Re-evaluating high intensity energy contributions By Paul Gastin, Sports Science Coordinator VIS And Peter Le Rossignol, Exercise Physiologist, Deakin University Training for all sports and athletic endeavors focuses predominantly on developing physical

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