Energy Sources: Renewable & Nonrenewable Essay

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ENERGY SOURCES: RENEWABLE AND NON-RENEWABLE ALICIA SEABROOKS KAPLAN UNIVERSITY SC 300 November 1, 2013 I use several different forms and sources of energy. I use electricity for my MacBook, my heating and cooling, laundry pretty much everything. My current energy needs rely on a variety of energy sources. I use everything from electricity, natural gas, crude oil, refined oil, petroleum, stream and a multitude of other behind the scene sources that I have yet to identify. I use gasoline (refined fuel) for the vehicle that I drive to work and to complete mission related task. I even use energy from the food I’ve eaten to workout, walk around, or even sit at my workstation and do my job; energy use is all around us. The one type of energy I use most often is electricity, which is generated from many different sources and methods in Kuwait. Everything from turbines to coal and solar panels are used here to generate energy, some of these resources are renewable sources like the solar panels as they recharge with the power from the sun and the turbines utilize the wind. Coal is a not a renewable source as it is minded and once its expended it is gone. In the states when I am home my energy use and needs change based on several factors, but mostly on the seasons where as in the hotter and colder parts of the year I use more energy to support my heating and cooling needs. Here in Kuwait the temperature doesn’t vary too much but at the peak of the hot season I use more energy to cool then the rest of the year. Currently Kuwait supplies all the crude oil necessary to support its energy needs. With one of the worlds larges oil fields and production plants and discovering new sources to drill often it is highly unlikely that Kuwait will deplete its crude supply anytime some, but surely there is some impact on the environment with the

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