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EE0040: Engineer & Society Tutorial Group & Sub-Group Number: Y05, P6 Time (of tutorial): Wednesday 11:30am - 12:30pm Dateline: October 1st, 2014 Submitted to: Jessica Ng Written Assignment: Question 4 1. No of words: 1,699. 2. Sub-Group Members’ names; contact numbers; e-mail: RACHAKONDA SUCHETHA; +65-98115371; Parts Answered: Qn (c), (d) TILLU AKASH ASHIRWAD; +65-96497305; Parts Answered: Qn (b), (d) SINGH SHIVANGI; +65-98070354; Parts Answered: Qn (a) All three are Co-Leaders Questions Addressed in our Report The Energy Landscape of Singapore (a) (i) Why is energy supply important to Singapore? (ii) Describe the current types and sources of Singapore’s energy supply. (b) What is the Energy Trilemma? Explain and illustrate your explanation. (c) What are the problems and challenges facing Singapore’s energy supply now and in future (specify time frame)? (d) What strategies would you propose to resolve these challenges? IMPORTANCE OF ENERGY IN THE LOCAL ECOSYSTEM Energy is a fundamental necessity of developed technological and developing industrial countries. Over the years, nations have been in search of the best energy supplies for their economic growth objectives. The industrialization has been facilitated by energy sources such as coal, oil and natural gas and these are the main growth factors for emerging developing countries over the past 50 years. However, many of these countries have natural reserves to facilitate this economic development. Energy Landscape of Singapore Singapore a small island country in South-East Asia, has seen immense growth over the past 50 years after its separation from Malaysia. The main hindrance for Singapore is to import energy from neighbouring countries and the rest of the world due to its unfavourable

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