Energy Drinks Essay

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Persuasive presentation outline Energy Drinks: helping? Or threatening? Introduction: If you live on a fast-­‐passed world Energy Drinks seem to be the perfect aid to keep up an active and energetic day. But we have to pay attention to the short and long. The purpose of this speech is to persuade people to know the short and long term effects of energy drinks. “One study of college student consumption found 50% of students drank at least one to four a month” (Sifferlin, Alexandra. "What's in Your Energy Drink?" CNN) The concept of downing energy drinks is extremely common around college students and this is why students should always be informed and notice the contents of energy drinks Problem: 1. Student using energy drinks as a necessary element of their day. Energy drinks causes immediate health issues like tachycardia, agitation, gastrointestinal upset, chest pain, dizziness, insomnia, headache, etc. this health issues may be felt at the moment when the person consumes the energy drink. (Morris, Ivy. "Short-­‐Term Effects of Energy Drinks on Teens." I have personally felt

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