Energy Drink Essay

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Jamie Long Sowles English 1A: College Composition 1 December 2012 Energy Drinks In today's fast-paced society, energy drinks have become an easy pick-me-up for many people. Walk into any convenience store and you are sure to find rows and rows of flashy energy drinks. Brands such as Red Bull, Monster, and Rock Star have become very popular among the energy seeking crowd, usually in the early teens to mid-twenties (Edward). There are television advertisements, clothing lines, and other paraphernalia sporting the names of these unhealthy energy boosters. Is this just a harmless fad, or is there a real health concern behind the energy drink craze? An energy drink is basically a glorified can of soda. They both contain sugar and caffeine, the difference being that energy drinks contain these in much higher quantities. The average can of soda has about 25 to 40 milligrams of caffeine, whereas the average energy drink contains almost double the amount (Edward). Companies that produce these beverages are not obligated to label the amount of caffeine that their drinks contain (“Caffeine”). Taurine is also one of the dangerously unhealthy ingredients in today's popular energy drinks. Taurine is an amino acid that is produced in the human body daily (Nordqvist). Since this is a naturally occurring substance, it would seem like it would not be linked to health dangers. However, the problem occurs because the synthetic taurine in energy drinks is present in such high amounts. In fact, taurine is found to be so unhealthy that it has been made completely illegal in some countries, including parts of Europe (Nordqvist). A major concern about these harmful ingredients is that some of them are found to actually be addictive. Energy drinks are now being recognized as a substance that can be abused (Edward). Addiction to these caffeinated conveniences is risky and also

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