Energy Debate Essay

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Energy Debate Holly Regan HUM/111 5/5/2013 Theodosia Lovett The energy debate over whether or not we should stop our dependence on oil and invest in alternative energy, such as wind and solar energy will be forever on-going. Considering I have not had a lot of knowledge in this particular area, it makes a hard position to stand for and have an opposing view. I do think that we will be a very long way off from not being dependent on oil, foreign oil, and whatever trades we do with other countries. I was under the impression that we got most of our oil from Canada, not the Middle East. My perceptual blocks regarding this particular debate issue would be that instead of knowing the facts about our situation with dependence on oil instead of renewable energy sources, I come to a rather abrupt opinion of the fact that we American’s are not in charge of or have any say so in any of these departments. The government is the one who makes all the decisions for us whether we like them or not. They say our votes matter, when truthfully they do not. We rarely have a good idea of whom and what we are really voting for when we do vote. What I am sure hinders my thinking is a lack of real knowledge that can be relied upon. Everything is politics, lies, and cover-ups for as long as I can remember. I think if we were able to keep our energy sources in the United States entirely, we would be better off. Back in 2009, the exact position we are in now with the gas prices and dependence on other countries oil was predicted. As was our hunger for control of anything we became part of or in connection with. I believe we have enough resources of our own to keep us going, whether they’re entirely environmentally friendly or not. Coal is not very environmentally friendly, but we have plenty of it. I have always just “figured” or “assumed” the reasons why we need oil

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