Energy Crisis in Pakistan Essay

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[ PEACEW RKS [ PAKISTAN’S ENERGY CRISIS Elizabeth Mills About the RepoRt Pakistan has an acute energy problem that requires increased domestic attention to the problem and pursuit of regional solutions, both to benefit Pakistan and to prevent this problem from being a source of domestic and international conflict. This report provides an overview of some of the key problems facing Pakistan’s energy sector, considers some of the solutions that the government is pursuing, and then concludes with a look at what benefits Pakistan could achieve by pursuing greater engagement in regional and bilateral energy relations. About the AuthoR Elizabeth Mills is a freelance consultant with a focus on energy, environmental, and geopolitical issues. She has written about South Asia for more than a decade and has lived and worked in the region. Cover photo: Drilling rig in North Pakistan, iStock The views expressed in this report are those of the author alone. They do not necessarily reflect views of the United States Institute of Peace. United States Institute of Peace 2301 Constitution Ave., NW Washington, DC 20037 Phone: 202.457.1700 Fax: 202.429.6063 E-mail: Web: Peaceworks No. 79. First published 2012. © 2012 by the United States Institute of Peace CONTENTS PEACEWORKS • JUNE 2012 • NO. 79 Introduction ... 4 The Problem ... 4 The Causes ... 6 Possible Solutions ... 8 Regional Prospects ... 13 Key Partners ... 17 Conclusions and Recommendations ... 20 [How Pakistan pursues its regional energy options . . . ] will either increase potentially destabilizing geopolitical competition among regional actors or contribute to new collaboration, strengthening regional ties. PAKISTAN’S ENERGY CRISIS Summary ■ Pakistan has an acute energy crisis that it cannot resolve domestically—at least not in the near

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