Energy Assistance Guide-St Louis Essay

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Introduction This directory provides residential customers in St.Louis city and county and the counties of Franklin, Jefferson, St.Charles, and St. Francois with information about Missouri's Cold Weather Rule. The provisions of the Cold Weather Rule are described in brief as well as the agencies and programs that are available to assist customers with their utility bills during the Cold Weather Rule period. The Cold Weather Rule The Missouri Public Service Commission's Cold Weather Rule prohibits disconnection of residential service during the time period November l to March 31 provided: 1. The customer concacts the utility if unable to pay in full. 2. The customer concacts the utility as soon as possible if service has been disconnected to determine if helshe is eligible for a Cold Weather Rule payment plan. 3. The customer applies for energy assistance from any public assistance heating program (federal, state, or local) for which helshe may be eligible. 4. The customer makes an initial payment (or the utility receives a pledge if the customer is eligible for energy assistance) and the customer enters into and maintains a payment agreement for arrears. A 12-month payment agreement is available for arrears, but upon mutual agreement the customer may enter into a payment plan that exceeds 12 months or is fewer than 12 months. If the customer defaults on a payment agreement under the Cold Weather Rule, the customer must pay an amount equal to the total of the delinquent installments, unless the utility and the customer agree to a different amount. 5. The customer maintains a payment agreement for the current bill. 6. The customer contacts the utility to discuss whether helshe is eligible for the Registered or the Deferred Pay Date Programs if elderly or handicapped. Customers who follow the steps and keep their payment agreements up

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