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Why is energy conservation important? We depend on energy for almost everything in our lives. We wish to make our lives comfortable, productive and enjoyable. Hence even if the outside temperature rises a little, we immediately switch on the air conditioner to keep our house cool. This is again using up of energy. Unfortunately, what we do not realize is that we have starting taking things for granted and we have started wasting energy unnecessarily. Most of us forget that energy is available in abundance but it is limited and hence to maintain the quality of life, it is important that we use our energy resources wisely. If we do not conserve energy, the energy will exhaust and we will have nothing to use. Also, energy conservation is also important when it comes to climate change. Currently, erratic climates and climatic changes are the greatest threats that we are facing today. Hence it is important to conserve energy. Ways to conserve energy There are many ways to conserve energy. It depends on the kind of choices we make to help us save our environment and also help our future generations. There are many things that will use less energy and by using such things you will conserve energy in a sensible way. Instead of normal tube lights, you can choose energy efficient bulbs. Energy efficient bulbs require less energy to perform the same function that normal tube lights do. Turning off all electronic devices when not in use is also a good way of conserving energy. Replacing or repairing leaky faucets help in saving lot of water. Use air conditioner only when required. Instead, you can keep the doors and vents closed to keep your room. Also, you can save lot of energy by switching off the lights and using natural lighting during day time. Embracing an energy efficient lifestyle today will help you get a better life tomorrow. So let us slow down the demand for

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