Enemy of the People

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Act 4 An Enemy of the People 1. Many people that Dr. Stockman thought was on his side are misinforming the townspeople in Act 4. I think that the ‘Peoples Messenger’ is the number one target that is misinforming the people that Billing and Hovstad posted. The news article gets to the people first and they don’t even have a fair chance to hear out Dr. Stockman’s testimony. Peter Stockman and Aslasken also intervene in the misinterpretation. The major refuses to have the reporters talk to about the Baths in the meeting on Dr. Stockman’s behalf. Peter Stockman’s authority is supported by the townspeople. Asklaken and Peter convince the crowd that Dr. Stockman is there to harm them, Hovstad then joins and talks about Stockman’s family. 2. Each charter within Peter, Hovstad, Aslaksen and Billing undermines Dr. Stockman’s message to the people by persuading the townspeople. As Dr. Stockman degrades the major and his followers, Aslaken tries to hush him. Alasken’s motive is based on moderation and he gives a lecture based on it. Hovstad and Billing are the supporters of the ‘People Messenger’ and Dr. Stockman’s misinterpretation.Billing announces that the Dr. is drunk and is outraged that he didn’t receive a raisein his salary. the major has the power to control Dr. Stockman’s proof of conimation and gets most of the townspeople to agree on his side. Hovstad denies being a freethinker and that he believes in the people. The mayor backs up Hovstad and makes Stockman look even smaller in his lecture. 3. Hovstad’s and Billing’s motive is be on good ends with the newspaper’s point of view and running for office. Alasken’s motive is for moderation to be represented and Peter’s motivation is to keep things at one pace. He doesn’t want change nor spend money on the Baths. All of these people want to keep their position in the town. The mayor has the most authority in this
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