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It was the fourth quater of the super bowl. There was 1:32 left on the clock. It was fourth down, and the Eagles had the ball on their own 42 yard line. They were down by four points, but they had three timeouts and one of the most explosive running backs in the leauge. Michael Taylor (the Eagles quarterback) called the out GREEN 8, GREEN 8, set go go, and handed it off to Todd Doxey (the Eagles runningback) right up the middle. Doxey lost control of the ball and fumbled the ball. The Raiders defensive end picked up the ball and proceded to run toward the endzone, but it just so happend to be the wrong endzone!! when the seemingly triumphant player reached the endzone he threw thell ball into the crowd in sheer amazment, but at that moment…show more content…
You could tell that most of the Raider fans knew it was over by the look on there faces. On second down the coach decided to run a quarterback sneak up the middle to keep the clock running. On third down the coach let the play clock dwindel down to one second befor taking a timeout, which left 12 seconds on the game clock. on third down they did the same q.b sneak play to run down the clock even further befor taking there last timeout. That minimized the game clock to 02 seconds on the game clock,enough time to send the kicker onto the field to attempt a field goal. every seat in the stands was empty because every one was on thier feet. Taylor got the snap set it down for the kicker to send it soaring through the uprights, and as the kicker kicks it the Raider corner came from the edge and blocked it, sending it gliding through the air and landing suttlely in the back of the endzone. Each and every player is racing for the ball. When all of the playesr reaches the ball there was a big fight for the fumble in the endzone.When the refferes sorted through the pile of players they ruled touchdown Eagles, making the Eagles the winners of the super bowl by score of

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