Enduring Love Dialectical Journal

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Word from Paul had been scattered and brief, but the messages from which they had earned themselves a plan were all that they had to build upon. There had been a momentary discussion on what they should be between Adam and Jace, while Veronica had chosen to spend that time glaring at the female newcomer. Julia, of course, had simply chosen to glare in response. He had felt his eyes being drawn to the little power struggle many times. In truth, it was almost beautiful. They had split up in order to go in their own directions, leaving Adam and Veronica to go and find Paul. There wasn't much hope of finding a lead at all, which was actually more than a little terrifying, but focussing on what they could not do was hardly going to help inspire the confidence that Adam felt that he needed. Thankfully, Veronica was there beside him to be an inspiration. "I don't mean to sound cruel or anything," she was saying as they were walking up towards the art college. It was not the most welcoming way to begin a sentence, and somewhat contradictory, but Adam chose not to interrupt. "But do you think that, if I ended up disappearing like this, everybody would come looking for me? I know Ally's really important to Paul, but you and Jace are as concerned as he is. Do you…show more content…
He was very tempted to be immediately reassuring, but he let her finish before he began. "She's part of life," he told her easily. "When we go to uni or go out to make a performance, she's there. You are too though. I'm sure everybody would be just as worried and desperate to help if it was you in this situation. I couldn't say about Ed really; god knows where he is or what's going on in his head. Honestly, I'd love to know. I'd call him one of my best friends, but I can't honestly say I know the first bit about him. I don't even know where he lives, so there's no real way to track him down and get him to help
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