Endurance Expedition by Sir Ernest Shackleton (1914)

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Sir Ernest Shackleton: Endurance Expedition When Sir Ernest Shackleton returned from his Nimrod expedition (1907-1909), he began to plan his next voyage back to Antarctica. To do this, he needed money which meant sponsors to give him the money. To get these sponsors, Shackleton held/went to fancy dinners, went to their houses and gave lectures to persuade them to sponsor his expedition. People sponsored because they either want to be popular, get money by investing in the voyage or they want to be able to say that they helped out in the expedition. The government gave Shackleton £ 10,000. The Royal Geographic Society don’t want to give Shackleton any money but they decide they will give him £ 1,000 in two payments (and they don’t want him to take the second payment). A problem Shackleton had was his brother being a criminal and he may go to prison and Shackleton thinks that this may affect him getting sponsors. £ 24,000 was donated to Shackleton by a man called Sir James. Shackleton had to start looking for men and a ship. It was a hard task for Shackleton to recruit men so he put up posters that read, “Men Wanted: For Hazardous Journey. Small Wages, Bitter Cold, Long Months Of Complete Darkness, Constant Danger, Safe Return Doubtful. Honour and Recognition In Case Of Success.” Shackleton found himself later recruiting, owning a ship (which he called the Endurance) and preparing for departure but funding was becoming a problem and on top of that, the brink of a war was starting. Shackleton was ready but he decided that if his country needed him in war, he would give all of his resources to their need. He got a letter from Winston Churchill saying “Proceed.” Shackleton and the Endurance set sail on the 8th of August, 1914 to Antarctica via Buenos Aires and the sub Antarctic island of South Georgia where there was a whaling station. On November the 5th, they
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