Endocrine System Essay

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The Endocrine System The functions of the Endocrine System are to maintain homeostasis in the body by releasing chemicals called hormones. Homeostasis literally means “same state” and it refers to the process of keeping the internal body environment in a steady state. The importance of this cannot be overstressed, and a great deal of the hormone system and autonomic nervous system is dedicated to homeostasis. All homeostatic mechanisms use negative feedback to maintain a constant value called the set point. Negative feedback means that whenever a change occurs in a system, the change automatically causes a corrective mechanism to start, which reverses the original change and brings the system back to normal. It also means that the bigger then change the bigger the corrective mechanism. In positive feedback the effect caused by an action stimulates the action even more. This is a rarer mechanism of the homeostatic regulation. An example of positive feedback is the blood clotting process in which each chemical reaction produces enzymes that catalyse the following reaction until the formation of fibrin. Therefore the products of the antecedent chemical reactions are consumed and the equilibrium of each reaction is dislocated towards the production of more enzymes (a positive feedback).The nervous system and the endocrine system, work together to regulate and integrate the processes of the body. The activities of these systems operate like an interlocking super system. Some parts of the nervous system stimulate the release of hormones while some parts of the endocrine system stimulate nerve impulses. The endocrine and nervous are both communicators of the body. The endocrine is a slow communicator while the nervous system is a fast communicator. The nervous system collects and processes information, analyses it, and generates coordinated output to control complex

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