Ending World Hunger Essay

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Ending World Hunger Agriculture is one of the most complicated global issues of all. With almost one billion people going hungry it goes to the heart of the connection between humans and the planet. Development agencies and environmental groups have argued for smaller scale farming producing for local markets and sustaining local communities for a long time as the most effective way to empower people and create a sustainable future. I think the strategy outlined in the article is a good one. Small scale farmers have many advantages. By their very nature they are more self-organizing and less reliant on infrastructure. This makes economies based on small farmers stronger, and less susceptible to groundwork problems. There are a few other ways in which we can fight global hunger. The starving needs a better understanding of their land and crops that they can grow. Action can take a few different forms. People need to influence public policy, contributing financially to groups that will work directly with poor people. If poor countries and poor people had greater purchasing power then more food could be produced and made available. They need tractors and other farm equipment to support their huge populations. I have read that Africa has a huge unrealized potential in its food production. Their farming techniques need to me modernized to increase yields Increases in agricultural yield per acre from the use of improved seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, and irrigation has now slowed in both the industrialized and the developing countries of Asia. Still, considerable opportunities exist for increasing yields particularly in Africa and in low-yield areas elsewhere through the application of readily available technology. Overall yields of cereal grains in Asia and Latin America are twice those of most African countries. It is argued that even modest increases in seed

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