Ending Prescription Fraud Essay

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Jared Stewart Walton English IV AP 7 March 2012 Ending Prescription Fraud Prescription fraud or abuse is on the rise, in pharmacy after pharmacy, here in America. Prescription fraud can be described as the acquisition of prescribed drugs, such as Vicodin or oxycodone, through a false prescription, and using them for purposes other than what they were intended. The system currently being is plagued with problems because people are still able to falsify prescriptions to accumulate more drugs illegally. A possible solution to this reoccurring problem is electronic prescribing in today’s jargon, e-prescribing. This innovative way of communicating with pharmacist has been instituted to encourage l prescription fraud’s demise. Because pharmacist are responsible for every dose of medication they provide, helping detect prescription fraud or abuse is one of the pharmacists’ inherent responsibilities. In the world of pharmacy, prescription fraud has heightened both billing and concern so much so that one would believe that the spotlight alone would reduce its occurrences. But after an investigation, it was revealed that “a number of fraudulent prescriptions had been obtained over the past six months from pharmacies in Graham and Burlington (Two charged).” In this particular case, there was a pad stolen from “Charles Drew Health Clinic (Two charged)”, and the prescription was written on that pad and the doctor’s signature had been forged. That is not the only way Prescription fraud can occur. There was another case, according to Brian McCready, where “Fabrizo[…,] a pharmacy technician at a North Haven Walgreens[…,] filled at least 18 fraudulent prescriptions for oxycodone (1).” The prescription fraud was done by the employee versus a person on the outside. Since there is more than one way prescription fraud can occur, there has to be something done with the

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