Ending Homelessness in America Essay

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Everyday in America, we see people on the side of the road begging for handouts and help for providing for them selves or their families. We see them sleeping in card board boxes or in drain tunnels for ditches with clothes that are cut, torn, stained, and covered in filth. Some of the people suffer from problems such as drug or alcohol abuse. Some of them simply can not get a foot in the door to opportunity to become a better person. We as a nation should take more concern with how our own fellow citizens are living and step up to take action to help these people. One of the biggest things we could do to help these people would be to help them with education. We should be able to provide free education for people that were not able to get theirs at the proper time. It is never to late to learn something and as these people learn they will also understand more about taking care of themselves and this will automatically improve their chances of finding employment somewhere. Another thing we could do is provide free of charge treatment programs for the ones that are addicted to drugs or alcohol. While this program may not work for everyone there are some people that could greatly benefit from receiving help. Helping these people get treatment from their substance abuse would be the first huge step in them getting their life back on the right track and turned around for the better. Some of these families out there have children and its not the proper way for them to grow up. If there are things we can do, even the smallest things such as offering them payment for doing yard work or picking up trash, simple things can help these people move forward. If we come together we can end homelessness and our nation would become a better, more unionized

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