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As I left the house that had no leads I started to think that this was a dead case, and that there was nothing more I could do. I step into my car starting up the engine lessening to the purr of it as I try hopelessly to think of something I could have missed or overlooked. Finally after sitting there for a few moments in my own thoughts I decided that the best thing I could do was go back to the campus to talk to Carolinas room mate again. I pull into the parking lot and sit in my car for a few more moments deciding the best way to get the information from her. When sitting there thinking I see Judy walking out of her former dorm with a small wooden box in hand. I get out of my car and start to walk toward her. At first she seems oblivious to my presence. When walking away from the dorm she flips some stray hairs from her face when doing this she must have gotten a glimpse of me, because no sooner than she did this Judy picked up her pace. I start to walk toward her and she broke out into a run, when she did this I decided to do the same. It seemed like ages that we have been running and I am starting to get tired, but to my relief she runs to a dead end. I stop just abruptly as she did and the only sound that I can hear is our panting that seems to be in sink and the racing of my heart. Observing Judy I see that she is still holding the little wooden box, that was now shaking violently in her grip. “Hay” I say still trying to catch my breath. “Why run if you have nothing to hide and what’s in the box anyways?” “It doesn’t matter” says Judy in retaliation. She started backing up but only hit the wall as I started to walk forward. “STAY BACK, I’m warning you” she yelled fiercely as I only keep walking. I watch her intently as she moves both hands down to the box and opened it slowly, probably as a sign to stay back but I don’t take it seriously. I freeze and

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