Ender'S Game - Normal Family?

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A Family Affair Family is a wonderful thing. It brings togetherness and love to a group of people. There are many ways that a family is “supposed” to look like. These ways are portrayed through television, movies and other examples. However, many families are not like these models. Take Andrew Wiggin’s family, for instance, from the novel Ender’s Game written by Orson Scott Card. Andrew, or more commonly known as Ender, does not have a very normal family. Because of a war going on between an alien race, called the buggers, and the humans, Ender needs to leave home at the young age of six. Card depicts Ender’s parents in different ways during this situation. Ender also has a brother and a sister. Peter, being a cruel and awful bully, and Valentine, being gentle and endearing, both do not live up to the expectations of a normal family either. Yet, these differences are important because without them, Ender wouldn’t have ended up the same. Ender’s mother and father are much like any typical set of parents; they worry about their children. They are portrayed extremely realistically. There was, of course, one difference. They signed off their children to the International Fleet, the army in the novel, at the time of conception. So, if the IF needed the child, the parents were forced to give him or her up, which is exactly what had happened with Ender. On the other hand, the parents of Ender had especially standard responses when their son was taken away from them. “Mother cried. Father held him tight” (26). This shows the concern they had for their son and his safety. Plus, they did not know if they would ever see him again. All in all, Ender’s parents did, in fact, love him very much. On the contrary, there was his older brother Peter. This child was, without a doubt, a sick and demented young boy. He would torture innocent squirrels as a
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