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Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card Summery Ender, a child of six, has been monitored carefully to see if he qualifies for Battle School. The monitor was attached to neck so that the officials of the International Fleet, specifically Colonel Graff, could effectively "be inside Ender's mind." After Ender's monitor is removed, several boys in his class, led by the bully Stilson, corner him and abuse him, knowing that the officials can no longer watch what happens. But Ender tricks Stilson into fighting him alone, and Ender beats him badly. Ender cries, showing his remorse at being so ruthless, being more like his sadistic brother Peter than his compassionate sister Valentine. Colonel Graff comes to the Wiggin household and asks Ender why he beat…show more content…
Ender thus earns many enemies from the start, but ends up finding a friend, Shen alongside with Alai who he meets in the battleroom, where wargames are simulated. Their alliance leads to battleroom proficiency that is respected, so Alai becomes the boys' new favorite. Apart from their time in the battleroom, the boys play the "Fantasy game," which adapts as the players develop. Ender amazingly defeats the Giant's Drink section of the game and goes where no one has gone before, "Fairyland," and then the "End of the World," and even beyond that to a…show more content…
Searching for an acceptable place to land, Ender starts to recognize the place around him as the giant's corpse from the Fantasy game. It appears that the buggers built it for him, being apprised somehow of the scenario the computer had built for him. He finds the tower at the End of the World, pulls the mirror off the wall, and finds a bugger queen still in larval form. Apparently through her thought-speaking, Ender learns many collective memories of the bugger history, including the feelings of despair when the old queens realized that humans were sentient beings, not just non-thinking workers like the bugger workers. They realized they were severe murderers during the first two invasions. She tells him, "We are like you ... We did not mean to murder, and when we understood, we never came again ... We could live with you in peace." When he gets back to his colony, Ender writes a novel about the buggers and their interactions with humans as though the queen herself was speaking. He signs his name as "Speaker for the Dead," and this idea launches a religion. People start having Speakers for the Dead at their funerals, telling true stories without hiding any faults or pretending any virtues. Peter recognizes the book as Ender's when Valentine attaches it to her final bugger volume, and he asks Ender to Speak for him. Ender agrees and travels with the queen's cocoon to find her an acceptable place to live in safety,

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