Ender vs. Bean the Ultimate Genus

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If you have read any book in the Ender’s Game series by Orson Scott Card, then you should know about the child genius, Ender, chosen to lead earth’s galactic military against the evil space buggers intent on destroying the planet. A character overlooked in the novel Ender’s Game was young Bean, whose story was told in the book Ender’s Shadow. Orson Scott Card author of both Enders Game and Enders Shadow used this mirror pair in order to highlight key character traits in both characters. Ender and Bean are a mirror pair that have many similarities and a few differences. The similarities they share are the fact that both are child geniuses and are very small for their age but they do differ somewhat in their social skills. Both books are based on the amazing intellect of the two children. Early in Ender’s Game we see the brilliance of the child prodigy, Ender, when he is drafted to go to battle school and then we learn that he will be noted as one of the brightest military minds. Bean undergoes a similar experience except, it is known to the student’s that Bean received the highest test scores possible. As we continue to read Ender’s Game we find Enders’ true mental capabilities but as we learn from Ender’s Shadow Bean’s mind surpasses Ender’s because his test scores surpass Ender’s. Through Ender’s brilliance the author is able to highlight Bean’s. In the novel, Ender’s Game, Ender is deemed as more intelligent than the rest of the world and is able to outwit the adults and the other students. By acknowledging the fact that Bean received higher test scores than Ender it let’s the reader know that Bean’s intellect cannot be matched. Another characteristic that Bean and Ender share is their size and age. Both where called into battle school at an early age and were also remarkably small which made them targets for larger kids bullying who were jealous of their
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