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Endangered Species of Ohio Essay

  • Submitted by: Sunnygrl124
  • on May 28, 2013
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Endangered Species in Ohio

Endangered and threatened species is a growing trend that many people are not well informed of.   I’ve focused on snakes in Ohio.   Some of the species I am going to tell you about are federally listed as threatened species which means they are likely to become endangered in the near future.   Endangered means they are endangered of becoming extinct, which means they’ll have died out and no longer in existence.   The concept of extinction just does not seem to be fully understood by many people.   Once a species is gone, they’re gone for good.   There is no returning from extinction.   The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is working diligently on identifying, protecting, and restoring   endangered and threatened species.   Hopefully this will give you an idea on some of the species that are endangered and threatened and will help you become more aware of the list of species that continues to grow as our world expands with the human race.   By the hand of humans, species are becoming endangered because of the loss of natural habitats.   Each year thousands of acres of rainforests are cut down or deforested, wetlands and marshes are drained and slowly, but surely, the grasslands are being replaced by cities, towns, and highways.   This is a world wide problem.   When a species natural habitat is destroyed or reduced, there is basically nowhere to go.   A displaced species of a destroyed or severely
polluted habitat often has to fight to stay alive.   The reduction causes an increase in the population of not only that particular species, but every other species in that habitat as well.   With higher population, resources such as food, water and nesting places become so sparse that they cannot keep up with the demand.   This leads to the endangerment of hundreds of species worldwide.   Basically, it causes a chain reaction.   Many of the already extinct species went through this exact process of their demise.   Running a close second is human error or...

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