Endangered Species; Moon Bear

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Endangered Species. Name: Moon Bear. Description: The Moon Bear is similar to the Brown Bear except that the Moon Bear has slighter build, a smooth, black, coat of fur and can have a white ‘V’ shape of fur on its chest. The Moon Bear have a lot bigger ears than any other species of bear. The female Moon Bear is smaller than the male. Habitat: The Moon Bear live in hilly areas with broad leaved forests or towards the mountains. In summer, the Moon Bear prefers higher altitude & in winter, prefers lower elevation. Country: Moon Bears live in Southern Asia. Facts: The Moon Bear eats bee hives, fruits, nuts, insects, & small animals like mice or birds. Moon Bears sleep in caves or in nests on tree branches. They are usually awake during the night but are usually very active at sunrise or sunset. Moon Bears can live up to 30 years in the wild, but on Bear farms many die at less than half of that, living only up until 10-12 years old. Why is the animal endangered? What are humans doing to affect the sustainability of this species? The Moon Bear is endangered from illegal hunting of the Moon Bear’s body parts, habitat loss from logging & athe main reason being because over Asia thousands & thousands of bears are on bear farms, kept in tiny cages, in order to get bile (a liquid in bears produced by the liver, that helps to digest the bears fat) from the gall bladders. Catheters (a metal tube) are implanted into the bears gall bladder (next to the liver in the abdomen), where the bile is drained up to twice a day. The procedure is very unhygienic & causes many infections where some bears die as a result. Surviving bears spend the rest of their lives suffering in tiny cages, where the poor bears are unable walk, stretch or move. Because the bears become bored they start to bite their cages, resulting in toothaches, some have horrendous head wounds

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