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Endangered Species: Bees Essay

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Endangered Species: Bees

Omar Munir

September 27, 2015

There are copious endangered species located around the world. It is quite apparent and evident that honey bees are currently on the laundry list of soon-to-be extinct species. Data indicates that 33% of bees, went extinct in the U.S. circa 2007. As a matter of fact, in many areas of the country, 80% of these creatures have mysteriously vanished in the last six months.    
            In fact, seven hundred thousand out of 2.5 million honey bee colonies have dissipated. Scientists gave this predicament a moniker called Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD.) This is where mass clearings of adult bees have taken place; thus, leaving no suggestion of their whereabouts. Interestingly enough, ill bees intentionally alienate the hive to die. The million dollar question is, why so many? Unfortunately, this mystery-puzzle isn’t just happening in the United States; but rather on a global scale.

            From a scientific perspective, bees cross-pollinate. In other words, bees transfer pollen from one flower’s male sex organs (also known as stamens) to a parallel flower’s female sex organs (also known as pistils), which permits plants to harvest both fruits and vegetables. Bee’s feathery hairs on their bodies draw the pollen, conjuring static electricity. Once the bees arrive on another flower, a portion of the pollen brushes off near the flower’s ovary. Eventually, these flowers will develop into full-grown fruit. In return for their “drudgery”, bees ultimately aggregate both nectar and pollen which is brought back to the hive in order to make honey. Honey, is substantial substance because this is used to feed their young. It is obvious that bees serve as an important species in our contemporary ecosystem. As a matter of fact, bees are the number one pollinator of plants. 75% of all plants existing on this planet, are dependent on pollinators like bees. When connecting the dots, bees disappear. Eventually, the...

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