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Endangered Species Essay

  • Submitted by: KinHunter
  • on December 9, 2013
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Thesis: The passing of each day counts down to the extinction of endangered species threatened by human-orientated practices.
I. Mankind’s greedy construction for additional land results to the deforestation of Earth’s wilderness.
A. The loss of habitat frequently occurs within rural areas.
1. The trees and rivers that compose our rainforests and woodlands are repeatedly bulldozed for farms, roads, and shopping centers.
B. Urban areas neighboring near the coast become as problematic as the rural areas within the land.
1. Industrialized operations, such as offshore drilling, dispose any unusable waste onto the surrounding ocean, harming any marine life close to it.
2. The popularity of coastal tourism (summer being the most profitable of seasons) cause most sea life to stray away from shorelines and migrate towards smaller areas.
3. As the world’s population infinitely grows, more people inhabit closer to the ocean; this leaves mammals such as sea turtles and sea lions to roam near harbors or small islands.
II. Pollution has been one of the top leading factors for wiping out rare species of animals.
A. Toxic chemicals such as DDT and PCB become useful in killing insect pests but hazardous to the wildlife that consumes these insects.
B. Oil spillage, triggered by unintentional leakage of oil tankers and pipelines, plague the ocean and any sea life caught in its wake.
C. The fish and amphibians which dwell in lakes and rivers may be poisoned by the acid rain generated from nearby factories.
III. The most hate-driven cause of endangering wildlife species involves the illegal hunting of big game animals.
A. Hunters disobey the governmental rules which permit them to kill a limited amount of certain species within their respected hunting season; selfishly bagging more than what is promised.
B. Poachers are responsible for smuggling live animals through security so they may be sold as exotic pets or subjects for means of research.
C. Animal...

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