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Endangered Species Essay

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Michaux's sumac is a rhizomatous, densely hairy shrub, with stems from 1 to 3 feet in height. Most plants are unisexual; however, more recent observations have revealed plants with both male and female flowers on one plant. The flowers are small, borne in a terminal, erect, dense cluster, and colored greenish yellow to white. Flowering usually occurs from June to July; while the fruit, a red drupe, is produced through the months of August to October. Michaux’s sumac is classified in the Anacardiaceae family. It was officially announced on September 28, 1989 that this tentative plant, Rhus michauxii, (scientific name) was endangered. Reasons this plant has become endangered range from a decline in habitat to construction, disease, and hybridization. Ways to prevent this epidemic is by the protection of habitat and present populations by keeping areas open with prescribed fire regime, timber harvesting, and appropriate right-of-way maintenance. Also a more thorough research into genetic reasons for low sexual reproduction and hybridization implications.
The black toad is an endangered species that hails in the California, active from March to September, hibernating in burrows during winter, becoming mostly nocturnal during the heat of late spring and summer.   It is more aquatic than most toads, Black Toads spend most of their time in shallow marshy areas, but they can also be found on dry, sandy soil around springs, foraging among grassy tussocks. Typical of toads, this one moves slowly, often using a walking or crawling motion along with short hops. As most toads do for defense, this toad relies on parotid glands and warts which can secrete a poison that deters some predators. Their skin is dry and warty, but relatively smooth for a toad. They maintain no cranial crests, and has oval glands with dark, almost solid black above, with light wavy marks and speckles. It can usually be found with a light stripe down the middle of the back. Belly is light and heavily...

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