Endangered Animals Essay

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Endangered Animals Jessica M. Bowen Course English 101 October 5, 2012 Danielle Kramer Around the world there are more the 1-ooo animals that have become endangered. In the United States alone there is 496 animals that have become listed as a threatened or endangered animal. Many animals are on the endangered list, because of the human race and evolution. According to “Earths Endangered Creatures” writer Glenn (Glenn 2006-2012), there are a wide variety of animals listed on the endangered species list. These animals range from big to little from near to far. The animals listed are: Jaguar, cheetah, gray wolf, cougar, leopard, sand cat, brown bear, Asiatic cat, red wolf, stellar sea-lion, African wild ass, jaguarondi, blue whale, giant panda, margay, aye-aye, Mediterranean monk seal, wild dog, Tasmanian tiger, Tasmanian kangaroo. These animals are endangered across the world. From North American, South America, Asia, Australia, Europe, as well as Africa. Some of these animals also are endangered in our five oceans as well as the Mediterranean Sea and the black sea. These animals have become endangered because their habitats have been destroyed or over took by mankind. They are also listed as endangered because they are hunted for their skins, fur, horns, ivory, etc. (Glenn 2006-2012) states that “this species in now protected by law by many countries” under each of the endangered animals, but no law will ever stop poachers. “ Michigan has 29,687.6 square miles of forest land supporting a wide variety of native species,” states Hayden (Hayden 1999-2012) in her story “endangered species native to Michigan. Yet Michigan alone has a list of seventeen endangered animals. In Michigan there is nine birds; short-eared owl, barn owl, peregrine falcon, hollow’s sparrow,
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