Endangered Animal Essay

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This animal lives in temperate grasslands, which are located in the Great Plains of North America. There, it is, or at least should be, surrounded by fields, prairies, and some casual rain as part of its biome. This animal possesses incredible capabilities, not only is it the smallest fox of North America, it is also gets most of its food from small mammals, but also eats from a variety of prey which includes insects, birds, reptiles and amphibians. They have kits that are usually born in the spring time, the female fox can give birth to up to eight per litter, but mainly they vary from 3 to 5 kits.The swift fox gets its name from actually being pretty swift, they can reach amazing speeds of over 50 km/h. This speed can help them obtain food and avoid their predators. They are also nocturnal and live underground in burrows that are 3 to 4 meters in length under earth. The swift fox is currently a severely endangered species. It is endangered because of habitat loss, which is due to agricultural, industrial plans. They have lost so much environmental space that they now have very few places to live and survive. Unfortunately not much is being done to help them which worsens this problem. The Swift Fox lives in an interesting biome, which is composed of two main seasons. These seasons are referred to as the “Cold Season” and “Warm Season”, the cold season is normally from November 21 to February 19. The Warm season then begins in May 16 and ends on September 13. The cold season has highs of 56° and lows of 23°, and average to 78°. The warm season reaches highs of 92° and lows near 50° overall the average temperature is 88°. The swift fox is adapted to receive a maximum average of about 30.46 inches of rain per year as well. In the environment of this fox there are not trees or bushes present, their home is governed by several different species of grass,
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