End of Life Choices Essay

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End of Life Choices PHI 208 Ethics and Moral Reasoning Instructor: Justin Murray Angelica Pino 05/26/2014 Working in a hospital I often wonder if many people deserve to die in a hospital or nursing home. Many people who come in and out of the hospital know that they are facing the End of Life stages. It’s a huge burden on the patient and family to not know when that day is coming. Many of these patients are suffering from pain and are in extreme agony. One of the main reason why patients who are actively dying go to a hospital is they are in pain and need a high level of pain medicine. Another reason is some patients who are dying try to commit suicide and are not successful. “Over the past century, dying has become increasingly institutionalized. In the early 1900s most people died at home, but by the middle of the 20th century in health care, society is struggling with the role that governmental and nongovernmental regulatory structures should play in assuring that the health care system provides competent, coordinated, and compassionate care at life’s end. (Jeno, T, 2004). Some patients don’t receive hospice care. Some patients can live for years with a medical illness. Their quality of life has diminished. In society there is a medical responsibility no matter of age, race or financial status. “Ethical Obligation to older adults to deliver competent, compassionate care at the end of life-irrespective of setting or disease process.” (Mezey, M, 2002; par 4). However, there is a bigger aspect of the end of life. Is it ethically to allow a person that is in pain from a life threating diseases The question is do people have a right to end their lives whenever they choose to? Sure, anyone who doesn’t want to live their life anymore can commit suicide, whether it’s the

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