End Of Life Care Essay

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What I think should be done to deal with this issue, is to make it a law that physicians should be the ones to make the decision on the patients end of life care. It is impossible to have a grieving family member decide on palliative care in those moments of emotional explosion. Palliative care and hospice care should be a huge subject in this country. People need to understand that there are other options available outside of painful invasive procedures in the end of life. For a patient to die in the Intensive Care unit is a very dramatic way to depart from this life. It is not a good idea, to have a patient, tied down, intubated, and to die suffering by way of being connected to machines and other mechanical devices. I would agree that it is more efficient for a physician to manage a patient’s care in the hospital. I find it to be very painful to go through so many test and procedures when one should be receiving comfort care at the end of their days. I do not agree with using human bodies as a way of making money. I disagree with the medical industry using…show more content…
I do believe rationing should be used throughout our country. We have so much waste in our country at this time. If we stop wasting so much money in this medical industry, we could pay for care for those who do not even have insurance. I think educating families about end of life care is completely necessary. We waste huge amounts of dollars on end of life care, knowing the statistical outcome. We have to acknowledge that one day we are going to die, and face death in a more reasonable manner. I think hospice programs should be funded more efficiently and promoted more often. Rationing is a major way of thinking; it would prevent excessive abuse of medical care on a patient’s who really stages are in the end of the life. There is no wrong in dying naturally when; the body has come to that

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