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End Of History Essay

  • Submitted by: lskwn
  • on April 1, 2012
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In this analysis task looks at the two readings which are Levy and Burns to mainly describe and explain factors that influence university study and the role of motivation in student’s success at university.
Levy readings:
• Vocational Motivation – “… without university qualifications a good life was not possible and jobs were characterized as a deadened.”(Levy. 2011:46).
• Social Motivation- students attend university for the social life it is their key to freedom.
Push factors
• Students involuntarily attend university because their parents push them.
• They make last minute decisions to go to universities due to pressure from peers.
Uncertain Aspirations
• Past working experiences determine the number of students that go to university.
• “Those who do aspire to pursue higher education feel their opportunities constrained by other factors.” (Levy. 2011:54)
Burns readings
Personal Experiences
• Burns (2006: vi) understood academic study should be his priority and not parties.
• He learnt that “effort was the key ingredient to learning and high grades.” (Burns.2006:x)
External Motivation
• Burns emphasizes (2006: ix) that, “Mr. Germe was simply motivating, helped light a fire that burns.”
• Burns was inspired by his guidance counselor, “who made the National Honor Society because she tried” (Burns.2006:x)

Past Failures
• In the beginning Burns main goal was to change from being the “class clown” from high school to a “responsible student”.    
B Motivation is defined in the Oxford dictionary as “a reason or reasons for doing something/ desire to do something.” (Soanes: 2008). Burns demonstrates this definition well on how it affects student success in university. According to his research students contain 3 reasons for studying which are “Social, Instrumental and Scholastic.” (Burns. 2006: x). However, among those 3 the two that guarantee students success at university is Instrumental and Scholastic. Instrumental,...

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