End of Days, Last Days Thoughts

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End of Days, Last Days Thoughts In America, the thought of the end of the world or someone's last day to live is a popular theme whether it be in the movies or just a figure of speech. I think there are many different reasons why people feel the need to think about this topic. They could be really religious and think that Jesus' day is coming soon. They could also be an adrenaline junkie and think they need to go bungee jumping or sky diving tomorrow because, someone told them that they're not promised tomorrow. They could have had someone close to them die suddenly or recently and they think it could happen to them just as easily. Having more than a few friends pass away at a young age, I can say from a personal standpoint that I've definitely had more of a care free attitude toward life and sort of gone by the motto "if I die tomorrow, at least I've done...". It's hard to say what causes people to think about this stuff because the circumstances are obviously different for different people. I think the most visual and popular signs of this thought process are movies that are made. Movies like, "Terminator 2", "Deep Impact", "2012" or one of my favorites, "Armageddon". In each movie, the world is going to, or is coming to an end in one way or another. In each movie as well, it seems like there is always an American hero waiting in the wings to save the day and or mankind. This is just another example of Americans supporting the "Chosen Nation" myth. In the movie "Armageddon", a huge asteroid was on its way to destroy the Earth and everyone that lived on it until an American telescope saw it in space and an American oil driller saved the day! How that came about is way beyond me, but personally I would let some other scientists get involved from other countries as we in America can't even make a car that runs good for five years! Besides movies, there is
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