End Of Apartheid Essay

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Loam Shin The Apartheid caused by the white South Africans were isolating from the black South Africans, the injustices of black people, and the racial groups; the political party, black people of South Africa had a right: to vote, to have the justices with white people, and to have a freedom, the blended integration between the black and white people, and the either the white and black people in South Africa had the trouble problems were happening after the end of apartheid. In South Africa, the white people and black people were separating into different groups. Whites isolated from black people because of the colors. The residential areas were segregated and sometimes by the forced removals. The black representation was completely abolished. Black people were deprived of the citizenship. But did not removed black people from the self-governing citizens. Which became the independent states. The authority government segregated education, medical care, and other public services. Whites and blacks had the own government, different citizenship, and segregated locations between black and white people. The black people were not on the same level with the white people.The injustice between the whites and blacks. The mainly reason was the political injustices. The forced overpopulation was caused by the apartheid. Black people were forbidden to leave the homeland(South Africa). The whites pushed the black people into the overpopulation of South Africa. Blacks were extremely high in South Africa. Which means the high of economic security. The other one of the cause of the injustice was a labor force. White employers exploited the black labor force in the homelands. Before the end of apartheid, the political party was the National Party. By the time, Frederik William de Klerk, the president of South Africa in 1989-1994 was the last president of the National Party.
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