The End Of Nascar Essay

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The End of NASCAR Most people are familiar with a particular drink, known as white lightning. If that’s the case, most have either heard of it or even had a drink of it. But what most don’t know is white lightning played a big part in the sport of NASCAR. How is that possible, one might ask. The history of NASCAR can be traced way back to 1794, which happened to be during the Whiskey Rebellion. The government had put a tax on whiskey, which upset farmers, and instead of paying for whiskey, the farmers decided to brew their own. Their home brew became known as moonshine, because it would glisten in the moonlight as they packaged it. Farmers sold their moonshine for profit, but it had to be delivered in the dark of the night, so as not to get caught. Fast forward to the Prohibition era, during the 1920’s and early 30’s. The moonshine business was booming and brewers are raking in the profits, but a big problem in producing it secretly was transporting it secretly. At this point, moonshine is being delivered in automobiles. The drivers that made the deliveries were knows as “bootleggers.” They would modify their cars for more speed and carry the heavy load of moonshine. Speeding through the night, with the cops on their tails, any error results in jail time, or even death. Bootleggers began racing their cars against one another, to see who had the fastest car. The same car that hauled moonshine at night would be raced during the day. Eventually this led all the way up to the sport of NASCAR, as it is known today. Britt 2 Today’s NASCAR has become too standardized which eliminates the competitive edge in racing that spectators were once used to seeing on the race track. NASCAR has come up with a new car which they call “The Car of Tomorrow.” It has been completely redesigned as compared to the older cars of yesteryear. The car has a new rear spoiler which looks

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