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Encylical Essay

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Gr. “circular letter” A bishop’s letter intended for wide circulation. They are not infallible pronouncements but authoritative statements Of the ordinary Magisterium.
Social Teaching
Church teaching concerning the rights and obligations of different Members of society in their relationship to the common good, both National and international.

Rerum Novarum On the Condition of Labour: 1891 - Leo XIII
lays out rights and responsibilities of capital and labour

describes the proper role of government

 protects workers' rights to organise into associations to seek just wages and working conditions.

Quadragesimo Anno On Reconstructing the Social Order: 1931- Pius XI
decries the effect of greed and concentrated economic power on working people and society

 calls for an equitable distribution of goods according to the demands of the common good and social justice

 protects the right and extends the opportunity of ownership

affirms its social purpose and that it promotes harmony among classes.

Mater et Magistra Christianity and Social Progress: 1961 : John XXIII
 deplores the widening gap between rich and poor nations, arms race and plight of farmers

 affirms employee sharing in ownership, management, profits

 advocates aid to less developed countries without thought of domination

 makes Christian social doctrine an integral part of Christian life: calls Christians to work for a more just world.

Pacem in Terris Peace on Earth: 1963 : John XXIII
affirms the full range of human rights as the basis of peace;

 recognises that all nations have equal dignity and right to self-development;

 advocates reviewing allocation of resources and monitoring the policies of multinational corporations;

 works for public policies that facilitate the relocation of refugees;

 proposes a society based on subsidiarity;

 establishes a...

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