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The regulation of encryption technology is like any other type of regulation, good for the regulators bad for the technology. Strong encryption systems should be available for business and personal use, with regulations on who uses them not what they are. The protection of proprietary and personal data in today’s connected world is a necessity. Perhaps a system of licensing to authorized parties could be implemented to prevent encryption technology being used for nefarious purposes. The relaxing of regulations on encryption technology in 1999 fostered advances in the field and made it available for mainstream applications. Ethical arguments always involve many gray areas of good vs. evil right or wrong, and in my opinion should be debated by clergymen and philosophers and left out of governmental and business decisions. Any terrorist or criminal organization can contract to have their own cryptology system created by people who are not morally squeamish and are motivated by profit. Whether or not our government has enough resources to draw upon to crack new encryption systems will be significantly less if there is no market for cryptology skills outside our government and military. The exportation of encryption technology to foreign countries should be regulated but not to the extent that it stifles growth in the field. I don’t believe that a code can be created that cannot be cracked only one that takes so long to decipher that the information is useless. ”Three can keep a secret, if two of them are dead” Benjamin

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