Encountering Conflict Changes Who We Are as a Person

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English Expository Essay 2014 Prompt: Encountering conflict changes who we are as a person Hook: Wayne Dyer “Conflict cannot survive without your participation”. History explores many different types of conflict between dominate and very powerful people throughout the world, which leads to wars, death and suffering which in turn affects countries, community’s and individuals in a range of different ways. When encountering conflict, even some of the most morally correct, noble and righteous individuals will forsake their principles in order to expanded their own chances of wealth and survival. However, conflicts can also give individuals the opportunity to fight hard and find courage that they might have never discovered in the time of peace and harmony. On the other hand, not everyone changes when they are faced with some thing difficult as their morals righteousness allow them to be unaffected by conflict. Encountering conflict can change certain individuals in disputing ways although some are able to obtain their own beliefs. The necessary makeup of every living creature is to want to survive. Many people in human nature will resort to any lengths in order to protect their self – interests and livelihood. Hence, when conflict happens, even the most ethical and virtuous people will forsake their integrity. In Night, Elie Wiesel saw how most Jews in Sighet fell into evil. Elie’s community was religious and was devoted to Judaism. The Jews soon started to turn on each other and became animalistic, beating the frenetic Madame Schachter who horrified them all with her images of “huge flames…it is a furnace”. Elie also witnesses many acts of heartlessness like the cruelty of the Jüdischer Ordnungsdienst, demonstrating the willingness of some of the Jews to go against each other to try to secure their own survival. When the individual is faced with conflict and

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