Encountering Conflict Essay

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WHO WE ARE IS TRULY TESTED AND PROVEN WHEN WE ENCOUNTER CONFLICT. It is a part of our human nature to experience conflict, as we are each forced to respond to conflict at various times in our lives. In order to live serenely we must attempt to avoid and resolve the conflict. Whilst conflict may merely involve two parties disagreeing over minor differences and opinions. We view through our history that major conflict in the form of war and political matters lead may to experience horrific life-changing conflicts. Conflict is beyond the reaches of our control, as we may be wholly influenced by others and their actions, we may also be tested in an extraordinary way that can be show us the different circumstances we are placed in. this may also show the people who seem least weak, are capable of what they are doing. Those who experience conflict are truly tested as they must stay focused and make senses of who is around them, and what they are experiencing. We view through the film Paradise Road by Bruce Beresford, as the conflict of enduring a war has encompassed during a cultural misunderstanding. We view those who may not at times seem to stand up for themselves. Martin Luther King Jnr presents to us his honour and dignity when faced with conflict. Through the stories of these people we see that conflict can often breed further disagreement and suffering, as it may act in extraordinary ways. We are each led to articulate through responses in conflict, to realize who we truly are. When dealing with conflict, we must prove ourselves and those around us that we are right, this may lead to a positive or negative conflict. Many of us are placed in a position where we must take a stand when least expected, we must have positive thoughts and an open mind when in conflict. Staying positive helps those around them, to not breakdown. When viewing the film ‘Paradise Road’, by
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